Monday, 8 March 2010

Wednesday 24.2. Quarter: Eeva Karhunen visiting

We learned first that the enchanting wooden quarter at the hinges of the centre of Pori is not called "Kuukkari" by it's inhabitants, but plain quarter (6. kaupunginosa). It has been studied by Pisara-project , and an inventory of the buildings has been made. There is also a final thesis work by Harri Joensuu about documentary photographs of residents from Kuukkari

We then watched Risto Jarva's documentary "Kaupungissa on tulevaisuus" (The city is the future): see article about it (in Finnish)

Finally we went through Italo Calvino's "Six memo's for the next millenium", especially "Visibility": "Where do images come from?" - do they "rain from above", godsent? Every story springs from one image, which is full of meanings and creates others, forming a field of analogies, contradictions, associations etc. A field that is not merely visible, but conceptual; leading to the conceptual development of a story. The mind of a poet, and a scientist at some point starts to work through images: this is the fastest way of combining and choosing something out of the infinite forms of possible and impossible. Imagination is some kind of electronic machine.

"Imagination is the repository of possibilities and assumptions, containing both that which has never been, and that which will never bee, but might have been."

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